Preparing a Section 31(6) Deposit

We recommend landowners follow these steps when preparing a Section 31(6) Deposit:

  1. Obtain an OS map of the area you own, to a minimum scale of 1:10,560;
  2. Check the Definitive Map and Statement to confirm what public rights of way are recorded over your land;
  3. Mark on the map the exact route of all public rights of way shown on the Definitive Map. Do not omit any public rights of way that are shown on the Definitive Map as they are by law legally in existence.
  4. A recommended optional step is to check the status of any tracks, farm roads, paths or shortcuts on your land to see if the public have used them for over 20 years and also consult with your local parish council and user groups to see whether there are any paths likely to be claimed that you may wish to recognise.
  5. Another recommended optional step is to check legal documents like enclosure awards and the list of publicly maintainable highways in case there are ways recorded there and not on the definitive map.
  6. Complete Form CA16 and submit the map(s) together with the appropriate fee to our public rights of way team.
  7. Make a note to renew the statement of truth within 20 years and resubmit the new maps if routes have been dedicated since the last submission.

We keep a register of deposits made under Section 31(6).  Full deposits including the map and statement can be viewed by appointment at the Highways Offices in Strood.

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