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Bus Stop Clearway Consultation - Britannia Road

We consulted on plans to improve accessibility at the bus stop on Britannia Road.

The consultation plan was to enable a new bus shelter and a 25 metre bus stop clearway to be installed at the Britannia Road stop. This was to help users get on and off the bus, especially those with mobility difficulties.

The yellow bus stop clearway would be provided to ensure the bus can pull up at the bus stop, and the stop is kept clear.

The changes at these stops has been designed to ensure the minimum possible impact on on-street parking provision.

 The bus stop clearway is to be in operation while 191s are operating, from 7am to 8pm on Monday to Saturday, and 8am to 6pm on Sunday.

During these times no waiting or stopping is permitted in the clearway.

Your feedback on the bus stop clearway

As part of the consultation we gave you the chance to have your say and leave us your feedback on the proposals.

The deadline for responses was Friday 14 June 2019.

View the bus stop clearway proposal document

We'll be reviewing the feedback and a decision will then be made as to if we continue with the provision of the bus stop clearway.

Previous consultations

We recently consulted on the following bus stop schemes.

Maidstone Road, Rochester, by St Margaret's Cemetery

This consultation was for the proposal to provide a bus stop pier (at the Chatham bound bus stop), a raised kerb on the pier to help users get on and off the bus.

A yellow bus stop clearway was to be installed in front of the bus pier to let a bus pull up to the raised kerb. The existing bus shelter will remain in the same location.

On the bus stop opposite (Borstal-bound bus stop) a new raised bus boarder kerb will be installed to help those with mobility issues to board and alight the bus. The existing bus shelter, and bus stop clearway will remain.

See a consultation plan on how the new bus stop will look

The consultation ended Friday 2 November 2018.

Grange Road, Gillingham by Castlemaine Avenue

This consultation was to get comments on the proposal to introduce a new pedestrian refuge island between the bends on Grange Road which would require the removal of this bus stop (eastern side of the road - bus route towards Ingram Road).

This would mean the nearest Gillingham bound bus stops will be at Gillingham Green/Church Road (368 metres from here), or at King George Road (322 metres from here).

A consultation took place to decide if the stop will be removed.

See a consultation plan on how the new bus stop will look

The consultation ended on 12 October 2018.