Children missing education

Parents or carers are responsible for ensuring that children in their care receive an education under Section 7 of The Education Act 1996

Most children are educated at a school or academy in the public and private sector. Some children are home educated or are in alternative educational provision such as short stay schools.

There are processes in place to monitor the quality of education and attendance of pupils in all of these establishments. Children in education establishments are not considered as children missing education. 

When a child is considered missing education

Children missing education are children that are not on the roll of an education provider. They can also be children who's home education has been assessed as inadequate for fulfilling the requirements of the Education Act. 

Children defined as children missing education are particularly vulnerable as they can become invisible to the usual monitoring processes and may stay undetected for some time.

Refer a child missing education

If you're concerned that a child is missing education you can contact a Children Missing Education Officer on 01634 337 308 or emailing

Responsibilities for preventing children missing education

Supporting parents or carers applying for suitable education

The Child Missing Education Officer is responsible for monitoring the children missing education data to ensure all children are receiving a suitable education. This includes monitoring children moving into or out of the local authority.

This includes checking the database to track the progress of securing suitable education for children missing education.

They will also offer advice and support to parents or carers when applying for suitable education and make sure the information is shared with the appropriate partners and other local authorities.

Pupils being removed from or added to the school admission register

Schools or academies must notify their local authority within 5 days of removing or adding a pupil to the school admission register. This is in line with Regulation 8 of the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006.

This does not include at the end of a transition point such as if a child has completed their final year of education. 

If a child is removed from the register without notifying the local authority, the Attendance Advisory Practitioner must notify the headteacher and the AASSA Manager.

Download the children missing education policy for more information.