The Medway Grid for Learning (MGfL) is a secure private network connecting school local area networks (LAN) to the Medway Council network. This enables schools to connect with each other and access a number of services they would otherwise need to purchase and manage independently.

MGfL provides:

  • internet connection
  • website hosting
  • virus and malware protection at school and home
  • web filtering
  • a unified support desk
  • email services for staff and pupils – viewing emails over a private network increases security
  • secure file transfer
  • secure remote access
  • video conferencing
  • DHCP, DNS and USO services
  • ‘Open Check’ school status - provides parents and pupils with convenient methods for checking whether a school is open, re-opening, or closed on a given date
  • teaching and learning content
  • training and guidance with a dedicated consultant.

Further information and guidance