First stage review

If you are not entitled to transport assistance under our Educational Travel Assistance Policy, you can apply to the first stage review.

If you want to apply to be put forward to the first stage review process, please put your reasons in writing to the School Admissions and Transport Team:

Please include any additional information sheets or evidence in support of your appeal. These should explain the reasons why you were not satisfied with the entitlement decision.

An appeal can be made against the implementation and outcome of the assessment under our Education Travel Assistance Policy. If you're awarded transport assistance but have an issue with the operating procedures, please follow our complaints process.

First stage review

The School Admissions and Transport Management Team will respond, in writing, within 20 working days of receipt of your first stage review. 

The first stage review will look again at the original decision. It will take into consideration any points you raise in your request to formulate a response and decision on whether or not to uphold you request.

If you're not satisfied with the outcome

We have established a School Transport and Appeals Committee made up of Councillors to hear cases from parents or carers who are not satisfied with the decision made at the first stage appeal. If your first stage review is not successful, a second stage appeal form is enclosed with the decision letter. 

Find out more about the second stage appeal process.