How mental health breathing space works

Mental health breathing space lasts for 30 days after your crisis treatment ends.

How the process works

The following steps explain how the process works:

  • an approved mental health professional (AMHP) verifies that a person is receiving mental health crisis treatment
  • this evidence is reviewed by a debt adviser to decide if you meet the criteria
  • if you qualify, the debt provider uses the evidence to start a ‘Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space’ (MHCBS).
  • if you do not qualify, the debt adviser will contact your nominated point of contact to tell them the decision and to offer advice about a standard breathing space.

How it will help you

Having a breathing space will stop you from being:

  • contacted by agencies and companies you owe money to
  • charged fees and interest on your debts.

Sharing your information

A debt adviser will share the information provided by the approved mental health professional with:

  • the breathing space scheme administrator (the Insolvency Scheme)
  • your creditors and their agents.

This needs to happen so they can:

  • establish your financial situation
  • make sure your creditors know you are protected by the scheme.

Your creditors will only be told that you are in a mental health crisis breathing space and will not be given any further details about your treatment.