We're responsible for cleaning public highways and footpaths.

You can request road or pavement cleaning for dead animals using our online form.

If the animal is on a motorway or trunk road, please contact Highways England.

Removing dead animals

We use Medway Norse to remove dead animals as part of normal cleaning requirements.

Medway Norse always check for any collar or identification tag fitted to a dead pet animal which they collect.

All tags and collars are removed and held by the Medway Norse team for 3 months.

The item is kept with:

  • a description of the animal
  • the animal's location when they were collected
  • date of collection.

Medway Norse are responsible for contacting the owner of the dead animal.

They will use microchip scanning equipment to find any owners of dead pet animals found. If the animal is identified, they will arrange to contact the owners.

Medway Norse notify the owners and arrange for the collection of any items and the animal remains (if requested).

Should the owner not be found or not wish for the animal carcass to be returned, they will dispose of the remains in line with legal requirements.

We do not provide a service for collecting and disposing of dead pet animals at the request of the owner.