Results of our public engagements

We held public engagements across Medway between Monday 30 May and Friday 10 June 2022 to find out resident's views on the Gillingham Open Lines project. During the 5 public engagements residents could:

  • view the proposals
  • provide feedback to the project team.

The project team also ran a workshop for 60 students at Burnt Oak Primary School to get their views on the proposals. 

The results

We received 192 completed responses including:

  • 177 completed online surveys
  • 15 written questionnaires from our public engagement events.

Key points taken from the results include:

  • 84% said they would walk and cycle more if there were more traffic-free routes
  • 77% said they felt the scheme would make them feel more connected
  • 90% could see themselves using the route either very often, often or occasionally
  • 90% said they would visit the high street more often if improvements were made. 

Written responses

The survey responses also included written responses like:

  • regeneration and town centre investment are where Medway and in particular Gillingham need a real uplift
  • I'd love to see these disused areas rejuvenated. The existing railway line is full of rubbish and antisocial
  • an exciting development for the town
  • these are brilliant proposals. Gillingham needs some love and attention
  • the high street needs help now
  • improve the high street and people will come.

Issues raised

Safety issues were highlighted and if the bid is successful, it will include CCTV and lighting throughout.

Many residents raise the issue of making it as child-friendly as possible. If the bid is successful, it will include informal play areas and make routes to schools safer and easier. 

Residents want the scheme to link to nature and support biodiversity. The green infrastructure from the Greenway proposal extends throughout the high street including:

  • planting
  • community gardens
  • small parks. 

Bid now submitted

After receiving resident feedback, we have submitted a bid for nearly £20 million for the Gillingham Open Lines project through the Levelling Up Fund. If we're successful, we'll be able to make improvements to Gillingham outlines under what we're looking to do

We'll let you know later this year if we've been successful. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. 

Read our press release about our submission bid