The aim of the condition is to stop or restrict promotions which encourage people to drink more than they might ordinarily do and in a manner which does not promote the licensing objectives.

Mandatory condition 7

1. The responsible person must ensure that staff on relevant premises do not carry out, arrange or participate in any irresponsible promotions in relation to the premises.

2. An irresponsible promotion can include any or more than the the following activities or similar activities, that are carried on to encourage the sale or supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises:

(a) Games or other activities which are designed to require or encourage individuals to:

  • drink a quantity of alcohol within a time limit (other than to drink alcohol sold or supplied on the premises before the cessation of the period in which the responsible person is authorised to sell or supply alcohol)
  • drink as much alcohol as possible (whether within a time limit or otherwise)

(b) Providing unlimited or unspecified quantities of alcohol for free or for a fixed or discounted fee to the public or to a group defined by a particular characteristic. In a manner which carries significant risk of undermining a licensing objectives.

(c) Providing free or discounted alcohol or any other thing as a prize to encourage or reward buying and consuming alcohol in 24 hours or less in a manner which carries significant risk of undermining a licensing objectives.

(d) Selling or supplying alcohol in association with promotional posters or flyers on, or in the vicinity of, the premises. If this can be considered to condone, encourage or glamorise anti-social behaviour or to refer to the effects of drunkenness in a favourable way.

(e) Dispensing alcohol directly by one person into the mouth of another (other than if that other person is unable to drink without assistance due to a disability).