The following have been designated by Medway Council as prohibited streets, where no street trading is allowed:

  • Parkwood Shopping Centre and car park: to its boundary with Deanwood Drive, Lovelace Close, Beke Road, Readscroft Road and Long Catlis Road
  • The A228: from its roundabout junction with Formby Street and including Sundridge Hill, Rochester Road, Cuxton Road, Gun Lane, Frindsbury Road, Frindsbury Hill, Wainscott Eastern By-pass, through Hoo Road, Four Elms Hill, Ratcliffe Highway, through Malpas Hall Road, through Grain Road and until it meets the B2001
  • Anthonys Way, Strood: from its junction with the Gillingham Northern Link Road to Upnor Road
  • Hoath Way (the A278): from its junction with the M2 at the Borough boundary to its junction with Watling Street and the A2 London Road
  • Gillingham Business Park, Gillingham: Ambley Road, Bailey Drive, Ambley Green, Saracen Close, Sherman Close, Grant Close, Chieftain Close, Matilda Close, Crusader Close, Valentine Close, Sabre Court, Centurion Close, Scimitar Close, Bailey Court, Campus Way, The Courtyard and all footways, car parks and pedestrianised areas
  • Rainham Shopping Centre, Rainham: all roads, footways, car parks and pedestrianised areas from its boundary with the A2 High Street, Rainham, to its boundary with Longley Road and Station Road
  • Canterbury Street, Gillingham: from its junction with the A2 Rainham Road to its junction with Britton Farm Street and on to Jeffrey Street
  • Chatham Hill, Chatham and Gillingham: from Luton Arches to its junction with Rock Avenue, Gillingham
  • City Way, Rochester: from the roundabout at Star Hill and New Road to its junction with Maidstone Road, Chatham
  • Corporation Street, Rochester: from its junction with Star Hill to the Esplanade
  • Dock Road, Chatham: from Globe Lane, Chatham, to the junction of Khyber Road, Chatham Maritime
  • Featherby Road, Gillingham: between the A2 and The Chase
  • Gillingham Northern Link Road, Gillingham: from the A2 to include Medway Tunnel and all roundabouts to its junction with Wainscott Eastern By-pass and Hoo Road
  • Gravesend Road, Strood: from Villa Road to its junction with Watling Street, London Road
  • Green Street, Gillingham: from its junction with Canterbury Street to its junction with the High Street
  • Hanway, Gillingham: from its junction with Featherby Road
  • Keston Court, Gillingham
  • Tatsfield Close, Gillingham
  • High Street, Strood: from Taylors Lane to Gun Lane
  • Lock Street, Gillingham: from Marlborough Road to Canterbury Street
  • Luton High Street, Chatham: from Luton Road to Capstone Road
  • Luton Road, Chatham: from Luton High Street to Luton Arches at its junction with Chatham Hill
  • Maidstone Road, Chatham: from its junction at Old Road to its junction with and including the Bridgewood roundabout and including Horsted Way
  • Maidstone Road, Rainham: from its junction with the High Street, Rainham, to its junction at the Wigmore Roundabout, Deanwood, Maidstone Road, Rochester
  • New Road, Chatham and Rochester: from its junction at Magpie Hall Road to junction with Star Hill (including New Road Avenue)
  • The Chase, Chatham
  • The Chase, Rainham
  • Featherby Road, Gillingham: the service road between Featherby Road and Will Adams Way Roundabout
  • Twydall Green, Gillingham: between Twydall Lane and Goudhurst Road and all car parks and pedestrian areas in their entirety
  • Wainscott Eastern By-pass, Strood: from the roundabout at the junction with Hoo Road through to the Borough boundary with Gravesham
  • Walderslade Village, Chatham: in its entirety to include Walderslade Road from Sherwood Court to the roundabout to the sports ground and to include Robin Hood Lane from Sherwood Court to where it meets with Boxley Road. The area is to include all shopping areas and public precincts within the above village centre
  • Upnor Road, Strood: from its junction with the Wainscott Eastern By-pass to Anthonys Way
  • Watling Street, Gillingham: from its junction with Canterbury Street to its junction with Hoath Way (the A278) to include all roundabouts
  • Will Adams Way, Gillingham: from its junction at Grosvenor Road to the roundabout at Watling Street, the A2.

No street trading is allowed in the remaining parts of Chatham High Street and in Rochester and Gillingham High Streets unless you get specific consent.

Prohibited streets are all streets within the council's administrative area, except those designated as 'consent streets'. This includes any road, footway or other area which the public have access without payment, next to such streets for 10 metres.

Medway Council's Licensing Service is shared with Gravesham Borough Council. For more information contact Gravesham and Medway Shared Licensing Services by emailing