Only licensed premises can provide gaming machines outside of licensed Gambling Premises. Please be aware that you must hold a permit with us and be registered with HMRC for Machine Games Duty.

Types of Permits

Notification of 2 or less Gaming Machines

For one or 2 machines you should notify us that you intend to take advantage of the automatic entitlement under the Gambling Act.

You will need to:

Please note: Notification of 2 or less gaming machines can not be transferred to another person or company. These are a one-off approval for the premises licence holder (licensee) to provide gaming machines on the premises and expiry at the time that the premises licence holder leaves the premises.

Licensed premises Gaming Machine Permit (3 or more machines)

For 3 or more machines you will need to apply to our Licensing Unit for a licensed premises gaming machine permit.

You will need to:

  • complete an application
  • send a fee of £150.

30 days after the initial grant date of your permit you will need to pay the first annual fee of £50.