There are a number of exemptions in the Gambling Act 2005 that do not require any form of licence or permit.

Private gaming

You can provide facilities for private gaming that is equal chance gaming played in a place to which the public have no access.

There must also be no charge made for participation (any payment other than pure stake money).   

The gaming must take place in either a private dwelling or a residential premises or similar that is not administered as a business and more than half of the participants are residents.


This is defined as gaming that takes place at a non-commercial event. This means an event where none of the money raised from the event is used for private gain. An example might be a charity fundraiser where the money is used to go to a charitable organisation.

The following conditions apply:

  • Players are informed that the purpose of the gaming is to raise money for a specified purpose other than that of private gain
  • The arrangements for the gaming are such that the profits will be applied for a purpose other than that of private gain
  • The event does not take place:
    • on premises, other than a track, in respect of which a premises licence has effect
    • on a track at a time when activities are being carried on in reliance on a premises licence
    • or on premises at a time when activities are being carried on in reliance on a temporary use notice
  • The gaming is not remote.
  • The arrangements for the gaming ensure compliance with:
    • limiting amounts staked
    • limiting participation fees
    • limiting other amounts paid by a person in connection with the gaming
    • limited a combination of matters of (a), (b) and (c)
    • limiting the amount or value of a prize
    • limiting the aggregate amount or value of prizes


This falls into two categories called:

  • domestic betting (a private bet between persons on premises where they live (not in the course of a business)
  • workers betting (each party is employed by the same employer)


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