The licensing hearing panel consists of three councillors who will make a decision on applications where relevant representations have been received. All responsible authorities and interested parties (including people who have made representations or objections to an application) are informed by letter about when and where the hearing will take place.

If you are an interested party and have been advised of the hearing by us, please let us team know if you are attending the hearing and if you are bringing witnesses. You will then be sent an agenda outlining the application, the representations received and the format of the hearing.

If an applicant is unable to attend

A hearing may take place without the licensee or applicant and it will be the decision of the panel to continue with a hearing or adjourn the hearing.

After the licensing hearing has taken place, you will be notified in writing of the panel's decision. You will have the opportunity to appeal to the magistrates court against the panel's decision within 21 days.