The application forms set out details on how the premises is proposed to operate, this is called the operating schedule.

This could include:

  • the licensable activities
  • the times when the activities will take place
  • any other times when the premises will be open to the public
  • the period the licence is required for (if you wish to have a limited licence)
  • information about the premises supervisor
  • whether any alcohol is to be sold is for consumption on, off or both on and off the premises
  • the steps proposed to be taken to promote the licensing objectives
  • any other required information.

Description of the premises

Describe the premise. This can include details about:

  • if it is detached, terraced and what they adjoin, such as “terraced adjoining cab office and florist shop"
  • the main use of the premise such as pub, supermarket, club, restaurant, takeaway
  • how many floors on the premises and which floors are used for licensable activities such as entertainment.

If applicable a brief description of what other parts of the premises are used for example:

“Three storey detached building used primarily as public house. Top floor used for hotel accommodation, first floor has a function room hired out for private parties. Ground floor consists of bar area and kitchen. Bar area used for public to drink and dance. Piano and karaoke machine in bar area.”


“Two storey terraced building adjoining café and charity clothing shop. Ground floor consists of newsagent, grocer and off licence, top floor used as residential accommodation for staff. Ground floor only used to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises”. 

Make sure that if you are licensing outside areas a full description of the area including what activities you wish to take place outside.

Licensable activities

The licensable activities to be carried out (please tick whether each activity is to take place on or off the premises or both).  If you want to provide licensable activities in the pub garden you will need to make sure you have ticked for off the premises or both. 

Where the application asks for further details:

  • Plays – if the premises licence is for a one off event, you would put the play title here. Otherwise you would state, for example, whether the plays are for children only, a mixed audience, for an amateur dramatics association, and so on. 
  • Film Exhibitions – if a cinema, you may say here how many screens you have. You may describe the type of films you intend to show such as art films, mixed films for all age ranges. Indoor sporting events – describe the type of sports you intend to provide.
  • Boxing and Wrestling Entertainments – the category of fights you may wish to provide, whether they will be professional or amateur and so on.
  • Performance of Live Music – how many musicians do you intend to have performing, what type of music will they play, and will the music be amplified or unamplified?
  • Playing of Recorded Music – what sort of recorded music? Will it be a DJ or a sound system? What is the power output of any sound system to be used? Will you be providing karaoke?
  • Performance of Dance – what type of dancing? Will there be a stage or will it be roaming dancers, such as strippers?
  • Entertainment of a Similar Description – describe the type of entertainment such as comedy shows, hypnotism performances. Provision of Facilities for Making Music – describe the provision such as a piano, guitars. Describe how the facilities will be used such as a folk club.
  • Provision of Facilities for Dancing – describe where the dance floor will be, what size it is.
  • Provision of Facilities for Entertainment of a Similar Description - describe what the facilities are and what they might be used for. 
  • Late Night Refreshment – Say what you intend to do such as selling food for takeaway purposes only, selling food for consumption on the premises, the type of food you sell. 

You can also use this section to tell us how often you are likely to use the licence, for example: “Plays will only be held once a month for no more than three days at a time”.


The proposed hours that the relevant licensable activities are to take place (times must be given in the 24 hour clock midnight being 00:00).

Seasonal and not standard timings for each activity

Seasonal, for example, is that you want to trade during December an extra hour on your normal times to assist shoppers or for Christmas parties. 

Non Standard Times, for example, is special occasions you want to open late for, for example, Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve. Completing these means you do not need to submit a temporary event notice for these occasions (the TENs procedure also has limitations).

Hours premises are open to the public

This area is for you to say what time the public may enter the building or premises and what is the latest time they will leave, regardless of whether licensable activities are taking place. If you finish selling alcohol at 11pm you may wish to close 11:30pm giving customers 30 minutes to finish their drinks before you ask them to leave.

Time limited

This needs to be completed if you intend to hold a one off event or you only wish to use the licence for a festival or for one year only.  If a premises licence is limited for under one year then there will be no legal requirement to pay an annual fee.

Licensing objectives

The operating schedule is a statement of the steps the applicant proposes to take to promote the licensing objectives.

You need to satisfy the responsible authorities and any other interested parties (such as local residents), that you can run the premises responsibly and in accordance with the licensing objectives. 

If the responsible authorities do not feel the steps you propose are adequate, they may object to your application or request conditions. It is in everybody’s interests to reduce the likelihood of people objecting to your application. Think about how you will address the four licensing objectives.

If the application for the premises licence is granted, then the information relating to the objectives will be incorporated into the licence itself and will set out the permitted activities and the limitations on them.

You must consider provisions relating to the protection of children relating to any activities of an adult nature.  This could include nudity or semi-nudity such as exotic dancers, comedy acts with adult content, films for restricted age groups or the presence of gaming machines.

See our information on the licensing objectives:


For more information contact the Licensing Team by emailing

Write to: Licensing Unit, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TR