It is an offence to knowingly allow disorderly conduct on the premises. The premises licence holder, the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and any person working at the premises who has authority to stop such behaviour could be prosecuted.  The police can also issue on the spot penalties as a way of dealing swiftly with disorderly behaviour.  They reflect the penalties given by court but have the benefit of allowing officers to remain on visible patrol much longer.

Police and Council have the power to close licensed premise for up to 24 hours where there is imminent crime and nuisance or excessive noise. The 24-hour closure order can result in a review of the licence.

Confiscation in public places

This local authority has designated areas in Medway as Alcohol Control Zones.

These orders does not mean a blanket ban on drinking in public but does mean a police officer or authorised council officer can prevent anyone drinking alcohol if they are behaving anti-socially. They also have the power to confiscate and dispose of alcohol and fine people up to £500 – failure to comply can lead to arrest.

We currently have these in place in Rochester and Chatham High Street.

Police can confiscate alcohol from people under the age of 18 who are seen drinking in a public areas or they have reason to suspect that they would start drinking.

'Behave or Be Banned' Policies

The aim of having such a policy is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by banning troublemakers from your licensed premises.  Operators and managers of bars, pubs and nightclubs have always been able to refuse entry to problematic people.  The aim of this policy is to promote to your customers as to what will result in them being banned from your premises.

Safer Medway Partnership

The Safer Medway Partnership is a radio link system set up to help prevent all crime and anti social behaviour in Rochester, Strood, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Parkwood and Twydall. A proven system that helps to reduce crime and the fear of it, not only to protect stock but staff and customer safety is paramount.

Safer Medway have again been accredited with the Safer Business award.

For further information please see their website or speak with the co-ordinator Tel: 01634 853 853 or email