Conflict management is the process of reducing the instances of threatening behaviour, aggression, harassment and violence in the workplace. This is achieved through a combination of effective workplace systems, design of the working environment and training to enable employees to act proactively.

Conflict resolution is a set of skills which can be used to lessen the impact of conflict when escalation occurs. Conflict management will reduce the instances of workplace violence but will not eliminate them entirely. It is conflict resolution skills which will enable employees to avoid conflict escalating into physical aggression or violence.

Impact on your staff

  • Physical injury
  • Work-related stress – which can have long-term effects on health
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Job dissatisfaction and poor performance.

Impact on your business

  • Lost staff time from injuries and stress
  • Higher staff turnover, leading to increased recruitment and training costs
  • Damage to the reputation of your business
  • Potential compensation claims by staff.