Our road network is vast and ever-changing, with great transport links to surrounding neighbourhoods, tourist attractions and major cities. Our commuters and residents are at the very heart of Medway and are a key part to keeping it safe.

Whether travelling by foot, public transport, cycle, motorcycle or car, we all play a vital part, to ensure Medway is a safe, secure and enjoyable place to travel.

We all have somewhere to be  - lets join together and commit to ‘travel safely together’.

Top tips

  • Take accountability – there will always be things we can not control such as the weather and other road users. Take control of what you can – yourself and your choices, role model safer choices.
  • Follow the rules of the road – however you choose to travel, you have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road as set out in the Highway Code.
  • Be patient – everyone has somewhere to get to, rushing will only put yourself and others at risk. Take your time.
  • Focus – all too often we multitask in our daily lives – but in a fast pace changeable road environment, this will put yourself and others at risk. Make the right choice and stay alert and focused.

Our Road Safety Team, work all year round to deliver life-long education, training and publicity services, through schools, colleges and workplaces.

If you need any further advice or support, email roadsafety.education@medway.gov.uk.


Travel safely together