Skip licences are usually obtained by the company supplying the skip, so customers do not need to contact us directly.

The licence ensures that skips are placed on the public highway safely and sensibly.

Licences are granted for 14 days, then you can apply for it to be renewed.

We require at least 3 days notice to issue a licence. Licences are normally granted unless the road is narrow, has double yellow lines or the inspectors know of any reason why a skip should not be placed there.

You will need to carry adequate public liability insurance in the sum of £5m and be a registered waste carrier.

Placing a skip on a high street

You need to discuss placing a skip on the high street with one of our inspectors.

Skips in high streets have to be removed each night unless they are lockable and raised on blocks to prevent pavement damage. In Chatham High Street, skips must be delivered before 10am and collected after 5pm, as traffic is prohibited during this time.

Apply for a skip licence

It costs £65 to place a skip on a road for 14 days.

Please read the standard conditions of permissions to place a builder’s skip on the highway before downloading the application form.