As a successful growing area, Medway is investing in our schools to meet our future needs.

In Medway, there is a mix of maintained schools and academies. These range from modern new builds to older Victorian classic buildings. Primary schools cater for Medway's young population, with infant, junior and primary schools.

For our secondary pupils, we have a total of 17 schools, 16 of these are academies and 1 is a Medway maintained school.

We also have two teaching schools, Rochester Grammar School leading the New Horizons Teaching School Alliance and Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School leading the Medway Teaching School Alliance. We also have excellent special schools and units.

Children in Year 6 take the Medway Test to determine their appropriate secondary education. Pupils will then study either at one of Medway's mixed/single-sex grammar schools, high schools, faith schools or comprehensives.