Jan, Leadership Development Consultant explains more about the Digital Café.

What needed transforming 

With the introduction of a new Service Desk, Office 365, and the upcoming new digital workspace it is important that employees don’t get left behind in being able to use the new technology.

The Digital Café was launched as part of the Smart Medway initiative to provide a face-to-face informal learning opportunity for colleagues to pop in and learn about new systems, not just how to use them but to encourage them to think about new and smarter ways of working within their services.

Who was involved in the project

Bob, ICT change Manager and Jan have teamed up to provide the Digital Café.

What has happened

Bob and Jan have facilitated over 30 sessions to date, visiting teams around Medway and hosting lunchtime sessions.

The sessions cover practical demonstrations of Microsoft Office 365 features, communication tools and more to help colleagues choose the best tools for the work they do.

Impact on employees

The sessions have grown in popularity and colleagues have told us they feel more confident using the new technology as a result.

They feel more ready, and excited, about the changes ahead.

The creation of an agile workforce creates so many benefits - using digital options helps to cut out time wasting from form filling and inputting and the satisfaction for front line employees of being able to help customers immediately is a great motivator for employees.

Impact on customers

Customers ultimately benefit from a more productive, digital and agile workforce in a number of ways such as accessing services online at a time that suits them, quicker response times and getting feedback on progress.

Staff taking part in the digital cafe drop ins