Sarah, Parking Support Officer explains how the Jadu software helps make a more efficient service for colleagues and members of the public.

What needed to be transformed and why

Before transformation, all enquiries were emailed to the Parking Hotline. Often essential information was missing from customer emails. To get the necessary information, civil enforcement officers would then need to contact the customer before investigating the enquiry.

Who was involved in the transformation project

Jade, Service Designer from the Digital Transformation team, worked with the Parking Enforcement team to set up the new process.

What has happened

The new system was designed after discussions on how members of public generate the information needed to enable civil enforcement action to be taken.

The Digital Transformation team used Jadu software to make a step-by-step application that asks customers for all the information the enforcement officers need for their investigations. Now there's an application dedicated to making the reporting of a vehicle much easier for members of the public.

The result was a highly effective and user-friendly experience where customers can now:

  • check what types of illegal parking we deal with
  • complete the report application
  • add up to three photos to show the exact location
  • receive an acknowledgement email

How this has benefited employees

The main impact for colleagues is the reduced time spent corresponding back and forth with the public to get all the information they need to further the enquiry. Having enough information means civil enforcement officers are able to attend the location quicker.

Also, information is now much more accessible for the parking enforcement officer out on the street.

Impact on our customers

Customers have told us that uploading photos is a useful way of showing exactly where the illegally parked vehicle is located.