Annual health check review checklist

It is important that GPs are prepared for annual reviews. This ensures that patients get the best review possible and that everything runs smoothly during the appointment.

People aged 14 or over with a learning disability are entitled to a full health check every year. Let’s make sure none of us miss out.

Joe Wastell

Processes that should be on your checklist include:

  • policy and procedures in place
  • vulnerable patient safeguarding procedures accessible
  • practice nurses and GP leads appropriately trained
  • patients with a learning disability identified – including details of carers or appropriate adult
  • patient condition coded correctly
  • appropriate patient alert placed on electronic patient record
  • patient invited for a health check
  • health check undertaken
  • cardiff template on your practice system completed
  • appropriate follow-up and review
  • learning disabilities register up to date - to ensure payment for administering a health check can be processed.