We are made up of appointed members who represent both:

  • users of local rights of way or access land
  • owners or occupiers of access land, or land through which local rights of way run

Our members are:

  • Simon Curry - Chair-MUGS representative
  • Sue Saunders - Vice-chair - British Horse Society
  • Secretary - position vacant
  • Annmarie Behn - Paths and Promotions Manager Medway Council (MC)
  • Adam Taylor - Paths and Rivers Manager MC
  • Fiona Leadley - Principal Greenspace Development Officer MC
  • Ian Gray - Cuxton Countryside Group
  • Chris Morris - Medway Towns Footpath Group
  • Karen Beer - National Farmers Union
  • Graham Jenkinson - Ramblers Association
  • David Palmer - Health representative
  • Darren Taylor - Cycling Representative
  • Marion Phillips - Partnership Officer MC


We have vacancies for members who can represent people with disabilities and dog-walkers.

If you feel you could help improve access for all and would like to join a forum of like-minded people, please email annmarie.behn@medway.gov.uk.

Before you apply read our terms of appointment.