Natalie has created a series of ceramic sculptures that explore the places and heroes of Gillingham as well as playing on the wry humour of residents.

Her work makes us think about and engage with the unique history that surrounds us here in Gillingham. 

The sculptures will use the visual language of classic British food and drink products with a local twist.

If you spot any of the Gillingham POW! pieces, take a photo and upload it to social media using the hashtag #GillinghamPOW.


You will be able to see Natalie Clark's work in the plant and tree pits on Gillingham High Street from 28 August 2021.

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To find out more about Natalie Clark and her work, you can follow:

Natalie clark rebranded biscuits
Natalie clark rebranded crisps
Natalie clark rebranded marmite
Natalie clark rebranded mustard
Natalie clark rebranded bees
Natalie clark rebranded butterflies
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