Nicole Mollett is a socially engaged artist who creates drawings about people and places.

The Drinkers of Coffee is a short graphic story featuring the words of Rosemary Tonks, a writer and poet who was born in Gillingham. 

About Rosemary Tonks

Rosemary Tonks was born in Gillingham on 17 October 1928 and died in 2014. She was an English poet and author. Her mother, Gwen lived in Gillingham whilst her father, Desmond was working away in Nigeria. Her father died in Africa before she was born.

During her lifetime she published 2 poetry collections, 6 novels, and numerous pieces in media outlets. Her poetry collections have recently been republished by Bloodaxe books.

If you spot any of the Gillingham POW! art pieces, take a photo and upload it to social media using the hashtag #GillinghamPOW.


Nicole's work will be on display on:

  • Gillingham High Street's Scope charity shop window
  • the outside wall of the conservative club on Sappers Way.

Find out more

To find out more about Nicole Mollett and her work, you can follow:

Nicole mollett graphic gillingham dawning
Nicole Mollett's art work in a shop window
Close up on Nicole Mollett's art work in a shop window
Close up of Nicole Mollett's art work
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