We pride ourselves on being one of the most promising growth areas in the South East.


  • is home to over 14,000 business
  • has a population of about 280,000 people
  • has an economy worth £5.9 billion
  • is growing and changing all the time.

Our new Local Plan 2040 affects everyone including:

We've created these example profiles to represent demographics across Medway. 

Grace from GillinghamBlue silhouette of grace

Grace is:

  • 13 years old
  • studying at secondary school
  • living near the high street with her mum, dad and sister. 

To Grace, the Local Plan could mean:

  • providing good leisure facilities
  • accessible parks and green spaces
  • having local youth clubs nearby
  • more cycle paths, to allow me to commute safely to school
  • more businesses opening up to provide more job opportunities when I turn 16 years old.

Billy from RainhamSilhouette of Billy from Rainham

Billy is:

  • 19 years old
  • studying at MidKent College
  • living with his mum, dad, gran and 2 brothers.

To Billy, the Local Plan could mean:

  • excellent transport links to allow him to travel to college
  • more businesses expanding and coming to Medway to provide opportunities for his first job
  • more affordable, quality apartments in Medway so he can find his first home
  • improved sports centre facilities
  • more shops and restaurants opening in our town centres.

Sangita and Sonny from Rochester

Sangita and Sonny are:Silhouette of Sangita and Sonny from Rochester

  • aged 28 and 32 years old with their first child on the way
  • looking for their first home
  • currently living with Sonny's parents
  • both commuting to other parts of Kent and London for work.

To Sangita and Sonny, the Local Plan could mean:

  • more high-quality housing allowing them to find a home and stay in Medway
  • more employers in Medway, allowing them to work locally
  • good locally accessible health services
  • better access to parks and children's entertainment facilities
  • providing high quality local nurseries and schools
  • better transport services including local buses to allow them to travel around Medway. 

Shaun and Asha from Chatham

Shaun and Asha are:Silhouette of Shaun in a wheelchair and Asha standing

  • aged 49 and 52 years old
  • parents to 2 children who have recently moved out to study at university
  • living in Chatham and have done all their life
  • working locally
  • wanting to explore other housing options, such as being closer to Chatham town centre to access the train station.

To Shaun and Asha, the Local Plan could mean:

  • excellent quality homes near the waterfront with wheelchair accessibility to enjoy riverside living
  • more businesses to allow their children to stay in Medway and find jobs in their chosen field
  • improving local air quality and have measures in place for the town centre
  • better accessibility around the town centre so Shaun can move around town safely
  • more access to green spaces including riverside walks. 

David from HooSilhouette of David from Hoo wearing glasses

David is:

  • 62 years old
  • looking to retire soon
  • lives with his partner
  • swimming at his local sports centre
  • looking to downside to a smaller property. 

To David, the Local Plan could mean:

  • new community facilities providing social clubs and activities
  • improved and updated sports facilities in Hoo
  • improved transport services for better access around the Peninsula and into other areas in Medway
  • maintaining the local heritage of the Peninsula, including creating access to green spaces for walking and cycling
  • more options for high-quality houses on the Peninsula. 

Doreen from StroodSilhouette of Doreen from Strood

Doreen is:

  • 82 years old and widowed
  • visiting her daughter using the train to Gillingham
  • shopping at Strood High Street.

To Doreen, the Local Plan could mean:

  • more health and wellbeing services to prevent isolation and loneliness
  • better access to local clubs and community groups
  • improved health care facilities, including pharmacies and GP services
  • better bus services to give more travel options to see her daughter
  • having a good range of shops and services in the town centre that are easy to reach.