AM Espresso

AM Espresso is a mobile specialty coffee shop, operated out of a converted classic Citroën van. It was built by Andrew Marchant from the ground up with sustainability front of mind. Andrew is a keen advocate for sustainability and aimed to build a business that had as low carbon footprint as possible.

When asked about the efforts he is making, Andrew said

“Providing an outstanding quality product should not cost the earth, there are options available to pick sustainable products, and low waste alternatives with traceability and culpability in the supply chain. I think it's important to be honest about my business impact and I explore ways to optimise and reduce my footprint where I can.”

Low waste

The business aims to be as low waste as possible, using fully recyclable and compostable coffee cups and lids, with beans sourced from sustainable origins. The coffee grounds are even saved and provided free to the local community in Newington for use in their gardens and allotments. And if coffee is not your thing, the hot chocolate is also zero waste and positive impact.

Solar panels

The specialty coffee is served from a converted 1972 Citroën HY van. Despite being a vintage van, solar panels were installed to the roof of the van, which charge the batteries and power the equipment, such as the grinders, fridge and pumps.

In the summer months the solar panels generate enough wattage to fully charge and power the gear, and in the future, there is hope that a second solar panel can be added to extend the ability to be off grid for longer in the season and in the day. 

Scaling sustainably

Andrew is taking steps to expand the business sustainably too, by using carbon neutral platforms for hosting his coffee website. It is through the internet that he has been able to find sustainable businesses to connect with from around the country that share the same values.

Further future aspirations are to reduce the impact of the emissions of the van by converting the van engine itself to electric, taking advantage of the growing infrastructure being implemented in Medway.

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