Twilight gears volunteers

Twilight Gears is a community project that:

  • teaches people new skills
  • repairs disused bikes to be sold for Age UK.

It started as a scheme to help get people out of social isolation and interested in learning something new, as there are many people who want to have a bike, and many people who have an old one that they do not know what to do with.

We aim to inspire people to start using bikes as much as possible to improve their physical wellbeing and to lower their carbon footprint.

Matt Salisbury, Paramount Foundation Manager.

Age UK provides the team with a shed at the back of their day centre, where Twilight Gears invites volunteers to fix up old bikes and sell them to raise funds for Age UK.

Volunteers who work on the project can fix up a bike for themselves for free, so that they too can have access to this far more healthy and sustainable form of transport.

To find out more and contact the Twilight Gears project, head to the Paramount Foundation website.