Plantlife, which owns and manages Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve, received a £3,500 grant from Orchard Community Energy as part of their funding for their People Need Nature project. 

About Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve

Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve sees between 80,000 to 130,000 visitors per year. The reserve has been designated an Important Plant area for rare arable plants, with conservation work to bring people and plants together. 

The nature reserve also:

  • showcases management work
  • develops and trains new botanists
  • widens Plantlife's influence. 

Plantlife staff are supported by 16 regular volunteers who help every week with practical work including habitat management in woodlands and some grasslands. The volunteers are an important part in completing the work of the People Need Nature project. 

About the People Need Nature project

This project is to:

  • improve public access to the woodlands within the reserve
  • create drainage runs to improve the path to benefit wetland microhabitats
  • make it easier for new and existing visitors to access the reserve
  • improve the environment for the woodland plants. 

Next steps

The next part of the project is to build a new and secure car park in the heart of the reserve. 

About Orchard Community Energy

Find out Orchard Community Energy Fund.

Image of volunteers from Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve

Image of volunteers from Ranscombe Farm Nature Reserve taking care of the grounds.