EPC ratings

EPC ratings

Medway Council is committed to working with landlords and residents to ensure that appropriate standards for rented homes are achieved.

Landlords can be a vital source of information to their tenants on energy efficiency, waste services and what help is available to them. They can also make sure that their properties are energy efficient and equipped with the latest technology to support efficiency, making their tenants more comfortable and more likely to stay in the property.

To see what actions Medway Council have set to work with landlords and residents, head to our Climate Change Action Plan.

What you can do

Improve the energy efficiency of your property

The Green Homes Grant will help you to insulate your property to make it warmer, reduce your tenants bills and to help the environment. It's a government-funded initiative, which supports local projects to make energy-saving improvements in people's homes.

The scheme is open to homeowners and private tenants in rented accommodation, with a low annual income, and where the home has a low energy rating.

Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

EPCs are needed to rent a property, for interested tenants to see before a tenancy is signed. You must have an EPC before you market your property.

Why you should improve your properties' EPC rating

While you must reach the minimum EPC rating for your properties, it is important that you are not just meeting that requirement and ceasing to improve the energy efficiency of your properties.

Domestic energy makes up 40% of Medway’s total carbon emissions, making it vital that landlords support their tenants and implement energy efficient measures into their properties.

If properties are higher than the minimum EPC requirement, you will benefit from:

  • the property being more appealing to prospective tenants, therefore increasing the value and desirability of your property
  • your tenants receiving lower energy bills and warmer homes, leading to happier tenants
  • fewer maintenance call outs, due to reduction in common issues such as mould and damp
  • being ahead of the game and not being caught out by a future rise in minimum EPC ratings, which is predicted to take place before 2030
  • actively be supporting climate action and protecting our planet.

Landlord Services: Energy Efficiency Strategy 2018 to 2020

Medway Council Landlord Services: Energy Efficiency Strategy 2018 to 2020 sets out to identify the services priorities for improving the energy efficiency of the stock to meet government targets to reduce fuel poverty.

Simple Energy Advice: Information for Landlords

Read about the home improvement and funding opportunities on this government-endorsed advice service.

Domestic private rented property: minimum energy efficiency standard - landlord guidance

Government guidance for landlords of domestic private rented property on how to comply with the 2018 ‘Minimum Level of Energy Efficiency’ standard (EPC band E).

We want to hear from you

We would like to hear about any efforts you’ve made to make your leased properties more efficient, and the outcomes of these efforts. Tell us what you’ve done, email climatechange@medway.gov.uk.

Read about the efforts of the Medway community on our Local climate change projects page.