In August 2021 we launched our Climate Response Communications and Engagement Strategy. This strategy aims to ensure that everyone who lives, works, studies or visits Medway understands our journey to net zero carbon and is equipped with the knowledge, tools and support required to make their contribution to it.

We also aim to support the community to take ownership and corporate or individual action to help us reach our target.

To inspire, promote, and enable action and collaboration towards reducing emissions in Medway, we will continue to launch campaigns and events, and update our social media and newsletter frequently on what's going on in Medway. 

National and international events

We'll update our list of upcoming national and international events and campaigns soon.


We are raising awareness of the impact drivers have on air quality and people’s health when they do not switch off their car engines when their car is stationary.

As part of this, we are inviting all schools across Medway to take part in a competition to encourage drivers to switch off their engines when they are not moving outside the school.

Find out more about the schools anti-idling competition.



We want to hear about #SmallChanges you have made in your life or in your organisation to contribute to climate action. Email us at

Or tag us on social media and use the hashtag #SmallChanges.

Climate change news

Climate Response Team presence at your event

The Climate Response team are happy to attend events to talk to the public about climate change and what’s going on in Medway.

If you would like to us to have a stand at your event, or to visit your organisation, please email us at

We want to hear from you

Have you undertaken a project recently to reduce your carbon footprint? We want to hear about it! Tell us what you’ve been up to by emailing

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