Housing support for over 18s

Anyone can be made homeless or be threatened with homelessness, but there is support available.

You should contact Medway Council urgently if you're:

  • homeless
  • being threatened with homelessness
  • unsafe in your current accommodation. 

Contact details

  • phone: 01634 333 600
  • freephone: 08081 641 444 (before 5pm)
  • out of hours: 01634 304 400
  • email: housing@medway.gov.uk.

An appointment will be booked for you with a member of the Housing Options team. They will then complete a homelessness assessment. 

Next steps

If you're homeless and eligible for support, a relief duty is owed. This means a housing officer will work with you to find accommodation and resolve the issue.

If you're threatened with homelessness, a prevention duty is owed. This means a housing officer will work with you to prevent you from becoming homeless. 

Your housing officer will agree a Personal Housing Plan (PHP) with you. This gives advice about:

  • your housing options
  • housing services available to you
  • reasonable steps you should take to resolve homelessness
  • reasonable steps we will take
  • our private rented scheme
  • looking for alternative private rented accommodation
  • registering for home choice. 

Emergency accommodation

Not everyone is entitled to emergency accommodation. The housing officer will consider your situation and decide if you have a priority need. If you're considered a priority, you'll be offered emergency accommodation. 

Priority needs include if:

  • you're pregnant
  • you have children
  • you have severe medical conditions
  • you're vulnerable or at risk of harm more than an ordinary person.