Published: Wednesday, 17th November 2021

We are introducing a new ticketless parking system at Rochester multi-storey car park from Monday, 22 November.

The new parking management system, supplied by Sagoss Ltd, will read visitors’ number plates as they enter the car park, using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. When visitors are ready to leave they simply enter their registration details into one of two new parking kiosks and pay for their parking by cash, card or contactless. There is also the option to pay by phone using the Go Mobon parking app.

The new ANPR cameras will then automatically raise the barrier as motorists exit.

Residents can also sign up for an online parking account and ‘AutoPay’ option, which will record when a registered vehicle enters and leaves the car park and automatically bills the account holder’s payment account, without the need to go over to the kiosks or use the Go Mobon app.

Residents with electric, or hybrid, vehicles will be able to park in the car park for free between 6pm and 8am Monday to Sunday, if they are charging their vehicles using the new charging points. To benefit from free parking, residents will need to register their vehicle online to give them ticketless access. Motorists will need to pay to charge their vehicles.

The ANPR scheme is being piloted at the car park for 12 months and, if successful, there are plans to roll out the system to other sites in the future.


Cllr Phil Filmer, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Frontline Services, said: “The new ticketless parking system at Rochester Multi-Storey Car park will make it easier for residents, and visitors, to park and enjoy visiting Rochester without needing to display a ticket. I am also pleased that we are also able to offer local residents with electric, or hybrid, vehicles the opportunity to park for free overnight to charge their vehicles. This supports our Climate Change Action Plan and we are now working hard to achieve carbon neutrality across Medway by 2050. To find out more, or create an account, visit the council website.”

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