A CGI image of The Paddock in Chatham, predicting what the area will look like
The Paddock
Published: Friday, 21st October 2022

Chatham will be getting a new modern and vibrant space for residents and visitors to enjoy in 2023.

Improvement works in Medway’s city centre to benefit shoppers in the town centre, bus and railway commuters, visitors to the area and local residents continues to be a main focus for us.

The Paddock, a town centre area between Waterfront Bus Station and the Pentagon Shopping Centre, is set to be transformed into a more accessible and wildlife-friendly peaceful garden nestled away from the hustle and bustle. The planned improvement works include new seating, planted areas and a water feature, as well as improved accessibility. This exciting project is being funded by the government’s Future High Streets Fund and work is due to start early next year.

Millions of pounds have already been invested in Chatham, including the Chatham Placemaking project and major improvements at historic landmarks. We have also made significant acquisitions by taking over the leases of Pentagon Shopping Centre and Mountbatten House, as well as purchasing the former Debenhams building as part of its ambitious regeneration programme to provide opportunities that drive growth, improve visitor and resident experience and ensure future sustainability.

Help Chatham and Medway's other town centres thrive

Leader of Medway Council, Cllr Alan Jarrett, said: “The Paddock is an important location in Chatham town centre, surrounded by the Waterfront Bus Station, theatres and Pentagon shopping centre. We carried out a public consultation so residents could have their say on what they would like to see in this area and this has helped form the final design for the area. I look forward to seeing the garden area come to shape after works start next year, providing a great place for people to rest after shopping or even after a walk along the nearby riverfront.

“Chatham remains a key area where improvement works are being carried out and the town is vital to Medway’s economy, which has grown significantly and quickly over the past decade. We are committed to doing all we can to help Chatham and Medway’s other town centres thrive to sustainably continue this positive trend.”

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A CGI image of The Paddock in Chatham, predicting what the area will look like

A CGI image of The Paddock

A CGI image of The Paddock in Chatham, predicting what the area will look like after completion

A CGI design of The Paddock


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