World Pandemic, painting, 2022, Pedro Jovelino, Angola. Four painted people with virus germs in the background and mask wearing in the piece, mainly blue and yellow colours in the piece
World Pandemic, painting, 2022, Pedro Jovelino, Angola
Published: Tuesday, 29th November 2022

Explore how the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the concept of art at Medway Libraries’ first international exhibition at Chatham Library.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused economic, environmental and societal changes around the world and the PandemiChat art exhibition explores and highlights the side-effects of the new normal.

The work of artists from more than 30 countries including Argentina, Belgium, China, Portugal, Romania and Taiwan will be on display at Chatham Library to highlight their thoughts and fears during the pandemic and its aftermath.

Residents and visitors to Medway are encouraged to visit the one-of-a-kind exhibition, on display until Saturday, 10 December.

An abstract piece of artwork by Judith Carr symbolising coronavirus social bubbles. The abstract bubbles are predominantly pink, yellow and green.

Support Bubbles, Judith Carr, England 2022

An abstract artwork piece by Abdolreza Rabeti from Iran. The piece features many colours.

Masks painting, 2022 Abdolreza Rabeti, Iran


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