Published: Friday, 24th March 2023

OCL Regeneration has announced the launch of a new recycling centre in Medway’s Hoo Peninsula, dedicated to asphalt, concrete, and other road and construction materials.

This state-of-the-art, 3.2-acre facility aims to reprocess and recycle waste generated from highway and pathway construction and redevelopment projects, providing a sustainable solution for new building and road maintenance projects in Kent. By utilising treated and recycled outputs, the facility can significantly reduce carbon emissions by up to 50per cent, making it an eco-friendly choice compared to newly acquired concrete or asphalt.

The facility’s proximity to the Hoo Peninsula, Rochester, the Isle of Grain, and the Lower Thames Crossing is important, as all are key areas for redevelopment. 

Promoting sustainable construction

Stuart Gready, Founder and Managing Director of OCL Regeneration said, "Medway can take a leadership position in economic terms and with regard to the reduction of carbon emissions. With Medway’s aim to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050 and significant reduction by 2030, the door is wide open for sustainable development. OCL Regeneration's recycled materials are the key to efficiency and carbon reduction, and our facility is poised to lead the charge in promoting sustainable construction in highway maintenance and civil engineering."

Helping reduce carbon emissions

Cllr Alan Jarrett, Leader of Medway Council said: “This new state-of-the-art centre will enable businesses to responsibly dispose of construction materials as well as purchase recycled concrete, asphalt and aggregates. It is also great news that OCL Regeneration’s new centre will further help reduce carbon emissions across Medway, which supports our climate change agenda and aims to achieve net-zero carbon in Medway by 2050.”

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