Town Hall Gardens is in the heart of Chatham behind the Brook Theatre. The gardens have many naval history links. They were used as a graveyard before becoming a formal public garden in 1905. 

Funding for improvements comes from developer contributions at Whiffens Avenue car park (Garrisons Point). 


Following a consultation in 2022, we have developed an improved proposal for Town Hall Gardens based on feedback from our previous consultation, and we wanted residents to share their views and opinions on the proposals. This consultation ran from 9 November to 18 December 2023 and is now closed.

You can download the Town Hall Gardens masterplan.

Planned works for 2024

We have reviewed the feedback from the consultation. A summary will be available here shortly.

In the consultation, we proposed to remove some of the conifers along the main path through the garden to improve sightlines and views. We will replace these with more appropriate tree species. The treeworks will start on 21 February 2024 (weather dependent).

The works will include:

  • removing 5 conifer trees (2 in poor health) along the main footpath
  • removing 2 smaller trees where the new footpath is proposed to connect Rope Walk and Whiffens Avenue corner
  • pruning 2 yew trees at the main footpath junction.

We applied for a 211 notice of treeworks in a conservations area to carry out these treeworks. The notice was approved in January 2024.

The treeworks are being completed outside of bird nesting season.

The replacement trees will be planted in the later stages of the improvement works to ensure successful establishment. 

Further improvement works include:

  • improving the play area
  • resurfacing the footpaths
  • improving entrance points along Rope Walk.

Residents who gave their email addresses in the consultation will be kept up to date.

For more information, email

Previous consultation

After an initial consultation in 2022, we're proposing to make improvements to Town Hall Gardens and restore the formal garden area. 


Feedback from the consultation helped us to understand:

  • why residents visit
  • how it's used
  • how often it's used
  • what attracts people to the area
  • how the gardens could be improved. 

Residents said previously that they visit Town Hall Gardens to:

  • walk for exercise
  • benefit from the environment
  • cut through to Great Lines Heritage Park and Chatham.

Residents also mentioned they were discouraged from visiting due to:

  • the condition of the paths
  • vandalism, graffiti and other deliberate damage to property. 
Town Hall Garden sign

Town Hall Gardens sign