We're planting a new generation of trees, which you can support by making a donation

How your donation can help

You’ll be helping to improve your local area and replace lost trees. Trees are not only amazing at capturing and storing carbon, but they can also help to address the effects of climate change such as air temperature, flooding and pollution. They also help support local wildlife.

Who can donate

Anyone can make a donation, including residents of Medway, non-residents, individuals, groups and businesses.  

Photo of a walkway in Medway surrounded by trees

Whatever you choose to donate will make a difference

Donations will contribute to:

  • a site and suitability check before we plant a tree 
  • delivery from an approved provider
  • planting a tree, which may include additional topsoil, soil conditioners, clearing concrete or paving slabs
  • securing a tree with a stake and ties, and protecting it with a wooden tree guard
  • maintaining a tree by watering it for the first 2 years, carrying out young tree maintenance and inspections.

We plant trees in winter, usually from October to March (dependent on weather conditions) to give trees the best chance of establishing. But you can donate at any time.

Donations made after 30 September will be used to plant trees in the next year’s planting season.

With your help we can become the generation that plants more trees than we cut down and make Medway a place to be proud of.   


A photo of a large tree

Make a donation

To make a donation you’ll need:

  • a debit or credit card
  • the cardholder’s details: name, email address and address.

Make a donation to the tree fund

Requesting an e-card

When you donate, you'll have the option to request an e-card.

Rather than buying a physical paper card for friends and family, you can donate to tree planting in Medway and receive a personalised e-card as a thank you to send on virtually.

80,000 acres

of forests disappear from the earth every day

Every 1.2 seconds

an area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed