2 miles
Approximately 40 minutes
Thanks to Ian Sadler for letting us use this route.
This circular walk follows shared pathways and offers great views of Upnor Castle and the River Medway.

Chatham Maritime Marina

Chatham Maritime Marina


Breath in the fresh air and enjoy sparkling views of the River Medway. If you’re walking with children, get them to try and guess how many boats are docked in the marina (there are 412 berths).

You can see this on the map where the yellow arrow is located.

Upnor Castle

View of Upnor Castle across the river


Look out for the turrets of Upnor Castle, which was built on the orders of Queen Elizabeth l in 1559.

Elizabeth meant the castle to defend her warships on the River Medway and at Chatham Dockyard, but unfortunately it was not well looked after.

When the Dutch sailed up the River Medway in 1667 they met with little resistance, destroying and capturing a number of the Royal Navy ships anchored at Chatham.

You can see this on the map where the blue arrow is located.

Sam Holland sculpture

Sculpture of a man by the river


Local sculptor Sam Holland created this stunning sculpture, 'The Mariners', to mark the millennium and to reflect local maritime heritage.

The 35 foot high stainless steel sails turn on a single mast. A 'Jack Tar' bronze figure at one end represents the past life of the river while a woman in a wet suit represents the river’s future. Jack Tar was a nickname used for seamen of the Merchant or Royal Navy.

You can see this on the map where the orange arrow is located.

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