60 to 75 minutes
Start and finish at Catkin Close car park, Catkin Close, Chatham, Kent, ME5 9HP
  1. Start from Catkin Close car park cross Tunbury Avenue and go into Marlowe Copse.
  2. At the start of Marlowe Copse join the footpath towards Tunbury Wood. This is a gentle downward track on a gravel path. The track winds its way down to Woodlands.
  3. Turn left and use the footpaths towards Beechan Bank Road. Just before you cross Beechen Bank Road there is a footpath on the right running parallel to the road and this joins up with Cossington Road (track).
  4. Turn left and go through the underpass and to Boxley Road. Turn right and follow the road until it reaches Beechen Bank Road (this is essentially a ‘no through road’ and has very little traffic.)
  5. Turn right for 50 yards and cross Beechen Bank Road to Longwood (take care as this is a main road). Go through the gate and into Tunbury Wood. 50 yards from the gate there are some picnic tables and a good point to rest.
  6. Continue on the track and after approximately 250 metres there is a path on the left winding up to Fagus Close, turn left into Forestdale Road and continue on the road until you see a footpath on the right that takes you across Cossington Road and up to Olivine Close. If you turn right onto Cossington Road you can reduce the walk by 20 minutes.
  7. Cross Impton Lane and follow the footpath opposite, turn left at the bottom of the hill and go up the slope and across the footbridge over Walderslade Woods (road).
  8. Turn right into the woods at the far side of the bridge and walk through to Robin Hood Lane.
  9. Cross Walderslade Woods at the footbridge, turn right and cross the playing fields.
  10. Follow Catkin Close back to Catkin Close car park.

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