60 minutes
Start and finish at 32 Bryant Road, Rochester, ME2 3EP
  1. Starting at Medway Archives Centre in Bryant Road walk towards Gordon Road.
    View of Medway Archives centre


  2. Turn left into Minerva Street and continue straight.
     View of shop on corner of Minerva street


  3. Follow alley which joins Jersey Road.
    Alleyway leading to Jersey Road


  4. Turn right and proceed to end of Jersey Road.
    View of Jersey Road Strood


  5. At junction of Brompton right turn left and follow alley into Broomhill Park.
    Alley to get into Broomhill park

    Self guided walks

  6. Follow path on left hand of Broomhill Park around to the top and stop to admire the views.
    View of Broomhill park, Strood


  7. Proceed following the path down to join Clarendon Drive.
    View of path joins Clarendon drive

    Path that joins Clarendon Drive

    View of path towards Clarendon Drive

    View from path towards Clarendon Drive

  8. Proceed to end and turn right by Shaws Wood continue down to join Berber Road.
    View from end of Clarendon Drive onto Cliff Road and Shaws Wood

    View from end of Clarendon Drive onto Cliff Road and Shaws Wood

  9. At end of Berber Road turn left into Kitchener Road, follow road to Hone Street crossing Cross Street into Glanville Road.
    View of Glanville Road, Strood

    Turning onto Glanville Road

  10. Proceed to end of road back to Medway Archives Centre.

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