45 minutes
Start and finish at Star Lane/Darland Avenue, Gillingham, ME7 3AT
  1. Starting from the car park at the top of Star Lane/Darland Avenue, walk down the hill.
    View of car park at beginning of self-guided walk in Darland Banks
  2. Pass the old oasthouse on your left and walk past the farm house at the bottom, keeping left and proceeding along Spekes Bottom to the end of Star Lane.
    View of Oast from Star Lane
  3. At the end of Star Lane turn sharp left into a small wood and through the gate into the Darland Banks Nature Reserve and follow the path through the woods.
  4. Walk up along the Darland Banks (wonderful views over the valley and Medway towns).
  5. Follow the path along the side of Amberly Wood.
    View from path over Darland Banks
  6. Keep along the path overlooking the nature reserve walking back towards Star Lodge.
  7. Walk past Star Lodge on your right.
    View of Lodge on Darland Banks
  8. Turn right when entering Star Lane and proceed back to car park.

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