60 minutes
Start and finish at Hoo Library in Church Street ME3 9AL
  1. Starting at Hoo Library in Church Street (ME3 9AL) with your back to the library turn left towards the church and enter the church grounds and follow onto Vicarage Lane.
    the church ground



  2. Turn right along Vicarage Lane then follow Vicarage Lane to the left.



  3. Enter through the kissing gate and taking the steps to the right and follow the path along the sea wall.
    Forest leading to the river



  4. Turning left at Abbotts Court Wharf follow the path towards the old nursing home.
    Boat on the river



  5. Turn left onto Abbotts Court Road.
  6. Turn left onto Vicarage Lane.
  7. Turn right into the grounds of the church yard at end of path turn right onto Church Street until you reach the library.

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