60 minutes
Start and finish at Village Hall car park, Cuckolds Green Road, Lower Stoke, ME3 9ST
  1. Leaving the village hall car park in Lower Stoke continue left along Cuckolds Green Road, approximately half a mile along the lane, where it turns sharp right.
     Building, Car and road



  2. Follow the footpath sign diagonally left across two fields, heading towards Upper Stoke.
     Field and people standing



  3. Bear left and cross over the ditch at the track alongside the hedgerow heading back towards the main road.
    Massive field



  4. At the main road cross over and turn into Upper Stoke, following the road past the White Horse pub, round past the church, then leaving the children’s play park on your right.
    Road, Man standing and people walking



  5. Follow the track across the field to Middle Stoke, with great views of the Medway marshes to the right.
    Long path, with people walking through it



  6. Continue in the same direction across the green at Middle Stoke.
    Road, with a van driving past it



  7. Go up to the main road where there is a pedestrian crossing.
    People walking across a traffic light



  8. Proceed down the High Street, passing the post office and at the Nags Head pub.
    Stoke village



  9. Turn left and continuing back to the village hall.

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