60 minutes
Start and finish at The Bell pub, The Street, Bredhurst, Gillingham, ME7 3JY
  1. Start at the pub and walk left towards Kemsley Road.
  2. Turn right into Kemsley Road and continue along until you reach a bend.
    Road with path way on the side



  3. Just before a large house on the right, turn right into a footpath through the kissing gate. Through the next gate and walk diagonally left (10 o’clock) to the far left corner to a kissing gate.



  4. Through this gate leads to a narrow lane and turn right, then right again at a metal gate with a bridleway sign KH56. After 20 metres take the left fork in the track to go gradually uphill and through a wooden barrier. Continue on to a narrower path until a metal kissing gate on the right, but turn left through a gap.
    Gate that leads to the grass



  5. Continue over the stile and walk diagonally right (2 o’clock) to the far right corner. Take the left hand stile to the left of the metal gate.



  6. Keeping to right edge of the fields continue over the stiles and continue until you reach a lane.
    Pathway with fences on both sides



  7. Turn right along the lane and follow it for ¾ mile until a metal barrier gate on the right. Follow the track KH94 into a wood. Keep straight until bends right and go gradually up hill through the trees. Near the top take the central track bending left.



  8. Continue on track and through a metal kissing gate with a yellow marker arrow. Follow the stony path, keep straight and join the middle of the three paths at the top.
     A pathway with two options of where to go



  9. Continue downhill through the woods to a kissing gate, up grassy hill through a gate and turn right on a rough track.
    A big field



  10. Continue past a graveyard through the next gate to lane and turn left along road to finish.

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