75 minutes
Start and finish at All Saints Church, Church Green, Frindsbury, Rochester, ME2 4UR
  1. Starting at All Saints Church in Church Green off Frindsbury Road. Take the footpath through the church yard to ‘T’ junction of paths.
    Picture of a church



  2. Turn left (Saxon Shore Way) and continue straight ahead, Parsonage Lane will join from left and continue along to the bend.
    Graveyard path way



  3. Turn right after Manor Farm through a gateway to a tarmac footpath which leads into Berwick Way. Take the pedestrian crossing which links to a continuation of the footpath towards Upnor.
    Clear road with a gate



  4. Keep to the track following through MOD area to the main gate of MOD, where the road crosses track. To the left of the gate is a narrow pathway leading to the shore at Upper Upnor. Take this path unless there has been a ‘spring tide’ when it could be flooded. If so join the road to the left and take Admiralty Terrace to the flood-free shoreline.
    Long path way with brushes on both side



  5. On entering Upper Upnor walk towards the High Street which is a slight incline to walk through the pretty village.
    Barrack Hill



  6. At end of village cross into the village car park, and walk out the far side of the car park to the left along the main road.
    By resting against a gate with a brush by the side with an entrance



  7. After about 100m turn left into Castle Street, at the end of Castle Street join footpath RS122 and follow the path through the woods and re-joining the footpath to Berwick Way.
    Castle street, With a clear wide road



  8. Cross the main road as before and turn right to walk alongside Berwick Way.
    A road with a cyclist path



  9. Turn left turning into Upnor Road.
    Road leading to other Road



  10. Once at Manor Farm continue to end of Upnor Road and then retrace footsteps back to Church Green.
    Long motor road, country lane



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