About the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) grant scheme

The Sun Pier to Star Hill conservation area has been awarded High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) funding by Historic England. This is to help with a programme of heritage-led regeneration in the area.

A grant scheme has been introduced to help owners of properties in the area to undertake repairs and reinstate historic architectural details and features. It is hoped that the character of the conservation area will be enhanced and encourage further investment in the area.

The grants will cover a fixed percentage of the cost of the eligible works. The scheme runs until 2023.


The HSHAZ applies to properties located within the historic Star Hill to Sun Pier conservation area.

The area now stands as the sole survivor of the traditional industrial development that would once have stretched along much of the riverside throughout Medway. It retains a jumbled character with a range of buildings and scales, but all functional and built to serve the commercial needs of their owners.

More recently, a series of steps have been taken to address the decline and revitalise the area while carefully conserving the special historic character that makes the area so unique.

Star Hill to Sun Pier conservation area with listed buildings and scheduled monuments map.

The Sun Pier to Star Hill conservation area.

Buildings and works

Grants are available for a range of works to enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area. They will need to be carried out to a high standard using traditional materials and workmanship.

Eligible works can include:

  • conversions of buildings
  • damp
  • decoration
  • external features
  • leadwork
  • permanent access to carry out maintenance
  • pigeon deterrents
  • rainwater disposal
  • reinstating architectural features
  • roofs
  • temporary building works
  • walls
  • windows and doors.

The following are not eligible for a grant:

  • building services
  • conjectural reinstatement
  • demolition works
  • extensions and additions.
  • general maintenance and repair
  • replacement of services, such as gas and electricity
  • substitute materials.

Each of the works listed above comes with specific guidance as to what would and would not make them eligible. There may also be instances where additional consent is required from Historic England.

When grants are offered for repair work this would normally be at the rate of 80% of the cost of the eligible works. You will not be eligible for the grant if work is started before written approval is given. 

Read the Guide to Eligible Works under the HSHAZ Grant Scheme for further information.

Who can apply

Grants can be given to applicants with a freehold interest in the property or a leasehold interest with an unexpired term of at least 10 years.

To be eligible, you must also ensure the property is located within the conservation area.

If a grant is offered, it will normally include a condition that should the building be sold or leased on a full repairing lease for 10 years or more within 3 years, the grant may be reclaimed.

How to apply

The HSHAZ grant application procedure follows a 2-stage process:

  1. Complete and submit an expression of interest form
  2. If your expression of interest is approved, complete and submit a full grant application with supporting documentation.