What we can award and how

We’ll support applicants through:

  • supermarket vouchers
  • school uniform vouchers
  • energy cards
  • referrals for vouchers.

Vouchers can only be used for the purpose they are provided for.

Awards are fixed as follows:

Food and household essentials vouchers

  • Single person: £65
  • Household with 2 people: £85
  • Household with 3 people: £115                                 
  • Household with 4 people: £155
  • Household with 5 people: £190
  • Household with 6 or more people: £225.

School uniform vouchers

£100 for every dependent school age child (per household per year unless in exceptional circumstances).

Emergency fuel - for those with prepayment meters

A referral will be made to the Fuel Bank Foundation who will send a voucher for the value of £36 to prevent self-disconnection. They will also help to prevent the emergency occurring again.


Support will be met by providing an electronic energy card to the value of £100.


Support will be met by providing customers with an electronic energy (water) voucher to the value of £100. 

If you give us permission, we'll also share your details with Southern Water who will check if you're entitled to any discounts.

Essentials for energy and housing costs

Essentials for energy and housing costs will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Customers will be able to apply for support with both items, but must show the need for the support.

What will not be awarded

We will not award:

  • any application made that is felt to be not an immediate need
  • applications from those with sufficient income or savings
  • clothing (except in exceptional circumstances where someone is fleeing their home. For example, due to flooding, fire or domestic violence)
  • support with mortgages or personal debts
  • phone costs or associated expenses
  • help with Council Tax as this is met through either:
    • the Council Tax Discretionary Relief scheme
    • the Council Tax Extreme Hardship Scheme (for those receiving a Council Tax Reduction)
    • the Discretionary Energy rebate scheme.

Read the eligibility criteria and apply.