If you are unhappy with a Housing Benefit decision, you can make an appeal. You have 1 month to make an appeal from the date of your decision letter.

When we receive your appeal:

  • a different member of staff to the person who assessed your initial claim will look at the decision
  • you will receive a letter telling you if your appeal has been successful or not

Appeal a Housing Benefit decision

If your appeal is unsuccessful

If we stand by our original decision, you can send your appeal to an independent tribunal made up of people who are not part of the council. You can attend the appeal in person and take a representative with you. You can also call witnesses.

If you do not wish to attend the hearing, you can send us any information that you would like considered. We will send you a form to do this with your appeal papers.

A decision notice explaining the tribunal’s decision will be sent as soon as possible after the hearing. If your appeal is successful, we will put the decision right when we receive our copy of the decision.