Framework timescales

Over the coming years, Medway Council will need to determine the appropriate spatial strategy, allocation policies and infrastructure requirements for development in Medway and on the Hoo Peninsula.

Those decisions will be informed by the Hoo Development Framework public consultation, so it is important that you have your say to help inform the development proposals and infrastructure requirements that may shape future growth in Medway.

We anticipate that development of the scale proposed in the framework would take over 20 years to build out.

Infrastructure upgrades

The council is working with service providers, such as education and health, to identify the scale and type of infrastructure upgrades needed when new housing is built, and the ‘triggers’ for building new facilities.

Some services would be needed within 5 years, given existing limited spare capacity in services, but some facilities would only be needed at a later stage of development.

Developer contributions

The council will require developers to make contributions to fund the infrastructure needed on the Hoo Peninsula for the development of a sustainable community.

There will be legal agreements with developers when they gain planning permission for new housing, to make payments to improve services and infrastructure in line with the growing population.

The Medway Guide to Developer Contributions sets out the policy to secure funding for upgraded and new services to support new development. These requirements will be updated in the policy for the new Local Plan.